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Description: Whether you are self-employed or representing a big company, business cards are powerful tools that not only help you make a terrific first impression, but also increase networking and ultimately marketing of the products that you are offering. Your business cards are proof of the authenticity of your firm, your business and they carry all the information one needs to reach out to your company. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the business card you select is creatively designed, text information is to-the-point and looks appealing enough to convince people of your business. Brioprints brings you an impressive assortment of Standard Suede Velvet Business Cards laminated with velvet. The velvet coating adds a luxurious, plush and velvet-like texture to these cards and makes them look classy. These cards are perfect for high-end premium brands. 

Finishing: The 16pt square Velvet Finish comes with velvet finishing, which gives business cards a sophisticated look and an impressive soft touch. 

Size: Customers can select the width and height of the business cards they want. The cards are available in one standard size – 2.5 x 2.5 inches.  

Corners: Depending upon your requirement, you can choose either square or round corners for your business cards. 

Printing Option: Printing option is available for both the front and back sides of the cards or only the front side.  

Design it yourself: Customers at Brioprints are given this unique opportunity of creating their own designs on the products they choose. Once you choose an item, you are given direct access to our online designing studio. Here at Brioprints, we provide you with high-end tools, using which you can choose images and add any element for customization. You can also select images from our vast collection or you may upload a fresh picture of your choice.

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