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Description: In big events such as retail presentations, tradeshows or exhibitions, time is of the essence. There are several people displaying their products and vying to leave an impression on the audience as quickly as possible. Therefore, you need marketing tools and techniques that are grand and effective to be a cut above the rest. With Brioprints’ Premium X banner Stands, you can do all that and ensure that you grab maximum attention from your audience. These X Banner stands are large banner stands, which can be put up for display with the support of an X-shaped stand. 

Material: The 14 oz. Vinly Premium - X Banner Stands is waterproof, scratch and dust-resistant. These features make it an ideal option for both indoor and outdoor marketing. 

Size: The banners come in a standard size of 30 x 70 inches, which is an ideal size for display at various events. 

Setup: The banner comes with an X-shaped stand, which is used to support the banner. 

Lightweight: Lightweight and flexible, the banner is easy to carry and can be folded and stored.  

Design it yourself: Customers at Brioprints have all the freedom to create their own designs for the products they choose. Once you choose the item, you are given direct access to our online designing studio. Here at Brioprints, we provide you with high-end tools through which you can select images and customize the banner any way you want. You can either select images from our vast collection or upload a fresh picture. 

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